Really want To Use A Homemade Colon Cleanse

A homemade colon cleanse might seem like the ideal way to regain power over your health, particularly if you have been experiencing the after-effects of a poor diet, insufficient exercise and the general

Do I Really Need Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is lauded by its advocates as providing relief from a number of complaints, while improving also the general health and wellbeing of the irrigation patient. Many mainstream medical professionals,

Do I Have Migraine Headaches

If you have headaches and are wondering if they could be migraine headaches we can probably help you figure that out. There are some very distinctive characteristics of migraine headaches that can differentiate

Discover the alternative asthma treatment

Let’s a have closer look at these pharmaceutical companies. Do they exist for our benefit or theirs? Drug wars and alternative asthma treatment. What did people do before the advent of global pharmaceutical


Dhauti is a shuddhikriya which means the act of cleaning. It specifically cleans the stomach. Since it is one of the main organ in the human body and the health of the human being dependent on the condition

Detoxify Your Body through a Detox Foot Patch

A body that is overloaded with toxins cannot perform its normal cleansing job that is required for optimal health. In addition to naturally-occuring toxins, it is estimated that more than 400 man-made

Detox Diet

Juice fasting is gaining popularity as a great way to detoxify. Many people are interested in getting toxins out of their system so they can live a healthier life. When toxins accumulate in the body, they

Definition Of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the use of chemical agents to treat or control diseases. It works by killing fast dividing cells like cancerous cells and other healthy cells which include hair follicles, bone marrow,

Definition and Interesting Features of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a neurological chronic condition that affects the musculoskeletal tissues of the body. The disorder is mostly responsible for inducing discomfort, pain and fatigue in the muscles, ligaments,

Debunking the Myths about Iridology

Debunking the myths about Iridology “We cannot attempt to cure one part of the body without treating the others. We cannot attempt to cure the body if we forgot the Soul.” -----------------------Plato There

Curing Migraine and Headaches the Natural Way

Is your headache killing you? Or is your migraine draining the life out of you? How would you like to permanently get rid of pain in a totally natural way? • No drug or medicine! • No doctor’s

Cure for the Common cold

A co-worker of mine once had a troublesome cold a while back for weeks on end and because I had to add to my workload by splitting his share up with the rest in the office, I told him of a method to use

Cure bone cancer alternative treatment

A center which works to save the life and limb. Fight cancer with a smile. Get strength with positive attitude. Bone cancer is the rare illness that causes in children more than the adults. What we now

Cure alternative pancreatic vaccine

A new or recurrent diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer often results in fear and confusion for patients and their family members. Understanding treatment options, accessing new and innovative therapies through

Create Your Own Bliss With Aromatherapy

I live an alternative lifestyle. It’s nothing radical or rebellious. I’m a work at home mom, over forty with a toddler. At this point in my life I expected to have a bustling career and grown kids

Could Magnetic Therapy Be The Answer

Katie Blake, age 39, a married mother of two from Somerset, UK, began suffering from chronic back pain after a near fatal car accident which occurred in January 2006. She has recently been feeling very

Constipation Remedy Using Apples and Other Juices

Here are two constipation remedies that you can use for a mild case of constipation and for a chronic case of constipation. Apple and Pear Juice If you have a mild case of constipation, you can use this

Constipation Home Remedies Using Juices

Apple Juice, Figs and Raisins Here’s another constipation home remedy using apple juice with other fruit. Eat it the first thing in the morning before breakfast. In a blender, put in a cup of fresh

Constipation and Natural Remedies

There are two types of constipation, organic and functional. Organic constipation is a result of some physical change, obstruction, or distortion in your colon. This type of constipation needs immediate