How to DJ – Get More Gigs

Read a Crowd
by Karlton Rowley , Sandy Sounds

Want to learn how to DJ? Want to get more gigs? Want to read a crowd? This book is for you. ‘How to DJ’ gives you step by step guides on the right ways to get yourself prepared for DJing, maximize your gig opportunities and read a crowd when you’re up there. Following the ideas in this book will maximize your chances of having one of the best jobs in the world. ‘How to DJ’ will teach you the principles of the club, events and entertainments industry and how you can make the system work so that you become an in-demand DJ, commanding respect and higher fees, backed up by ability. Karlton, with over 5000 gigs experience, has spent 3 years pulling together all the information included in this book. He covers key ideas that no other ‘How To’ books have touched on. It will give you a level of understanding that will allow you to out-perform other DJs, time after time. With these skills and insights, you will be able to give people ‘the best night of their life’, consistently. You will learn how to choose the right track at the right moment and perform to the benefit of all concerned at whatever level of DJing you choose to operate in. ‘How to DJ’ gives you a clear plan for getting on the right path and into the industry quickly and effectively.