How To Enjoy Ibiza For Less Than 10 Euros Per Day

by Jason Taylor and Lisa Taylor

“I work all night, I work all day
To pay the bills I have to pay

Ain’t it sad?

And still there never seems to be
A single penny left for me

……” – who doesnt recognise these lyrics from the song Mamma Mia, by Abba and more recently in the movie Mamma Mia performed by Meryl Streep.

And then there you are drudging your way through the daily grind. Working every hour that god sends, just to pay the bills….sounds familiar doesn’t it?

You’re losing your quality of life and any meaning of happiness. Perhaps you are reading this right now while in between household chores like the ironing or the washing or parenting to your screaming children.

Are you commuting to work, stuck in a never ending sea of brake lights, perhaps your on the train just look up and around you right now are you just another sardine in the can on the way to work a work you hate, are poorly paid and not appreciated.

When you feel you have the same problems, but it is just a different day, then life is really doing you no favours whatsoever. But when you are in this negative and demanding trap it is very difficult to see any true happiness or relaxation.

Close your eyes for a minute and dream the dream. Imagine the gentle sound of the warm seas, lapping up against the perfect sands of the beach. There you are laid out on a soft comfortable sun lounger listening to the gentle flapping of the parasol in the warm welcoming wind, which is cooling you body down on this hot sunny day. Picture sipping slowly on that cool glass of your favourite cocktail, brimming with ice and fresh fruit or perhaps an ice cool beer, with the small pearls of condensation running down the outside of the glass dripping gently on to your skin, offering a welcoming cool tingle on your hot body.

Now open your eyes and you probably think this is an unrealistic dream, something which you have no chance of achieving.

But it honestly is achievable and throughout this book we are going to show you how you can live this dream, this luxurious escape for less than it will cost you to stay at home.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and much more to gain, happiness, relaxation, great food and a suntan will make your life, once again a much more bearable and enjoyable time.

Utilising our many months of research and our experience, you can now benefit by using our budget travel guide as a means to escape your normal daily life.

You think it is impossible to get luxurious accommodation for less than €10 per day – no it is not and this guide shows you how.

You think it is impossible to experience the finest international cuisines for less than €10 per day – no in this guide we will show you exactly how it is possible.

You can have everything you have ever dreamt from a holiday for less than €10 per day….including flight!

Which is considerably less than your water, gas and electric usage per day when you stay at home!

Stop dreaming the dream and start living the dream now in your next holiday destination Ibiza.