Affordable Health Insurance In Phoenix

The most important step to take before you select affordable health insurance in Phoenix – aside from narrowing your options to those health care plans you can afford – is to research the insurance companies and policies. During your research there are three groups of people you should “interview,” and for different yet equally important reasons. Those groups are your friends and family members, the insurer, and the providers.

Friends and Family

You want some first-hand accounts of experience with particular health care plans and these people have those accounts. Ask around among your friends and family members and find out who has experience with the particular Phoenix health insurance companies and policies you’re considering. You’ll want to ask them about the selection of primary care physicians, the ease of getting appointments with doctors (and how long the referral period is) and whether they feel their health care needs have been adequately met. Of course, if they have any unresolved claim issues with the health insurance company, you’ll want to know about those, too.


Obviously you will undoubtedly speak with an agent or representative from the health insurance company you’re considering at some point during the selection process. Aside from the usual topics (eligibility, coverage, premiums, etc.), be sure to ask them how they pay their providers. Phoenix health care providers who belong to networks are usually paid per service, salaried, or paid based on a cap or quota. As unfortunate as it is, health care providers sometimes avoid care and procedures for which they may not be paid.


Obtain a copy of Phoenix primary care physicians from the health insurance company, and see if there are any in which you’re interested. Contact those doctors and talk with them about the referral process (the wait, the authorization, etc.) Affordable health insurance in Phoenix may not seem so affordable if you can’t get the care you need in a quick manner.