Be Happy and Healthy

Although your cat may take the time to clean himself through licking his paws and face, he does still need you. Cats don’t want to be dirty and they need you to help them stay clean.

Grooming your cat has to happen. You need to do it to remove the loose hair on the cat.


Brushing your cat’s hair will keep it from ending up in his stomach. It is not easy to digest and often the cat can only get rid of it through hairballs. If they can not spit them up, they are likely to clog the intestinal tract. Grooming can also remove dirt and debris from the coat. It can help you to check for fleas and ticks too.

Many cats do not hate to be groomed. It is much easier to become accustomed to it if you start when he is still a kitten. Gently brush or comb over the coat, following the fur from the neck to the tail. If he becomes annoyed with you, stop and play with him for a few minutes. When he is relaxed again, go back to it. Don’t groom the face or paws with the brush though.

Those who do not like to be brushed can still be groomed with a different tool for example the grooming glove. When your cat is in a good mood, the kitty will not mind the massage. The glove is working to remove the hairs and the debris from the cat though. Most cats won’t even mind if you do this to their face either.

Lastly, if you have a cat that has longer hair, take the time to insure he is brushed. Those who are not will end up with matted hair. To remove matted hair, the animal is likely to need to be sedated and shaved. This is an awful experience for him so insure that you keep his coat clean and brushed thoroughly instead.

Check Eyes, Ears, Claws and Teeth, too

When you do brush him, make sure to check his eyes and his ears too. They should be clear and bright without anything in the corners. The ears should be clean and pink. Dirt that gets into the ears can be a sign of ear mites. These can cause the ears to shrivel up and your cat to lose his ability to hear. Make sure to bring this to your vets attention.

If your cat has not been declawed, you’ll need to remove the hooks on the ends of the claws. Not only will this ruin your clothing or upholstery, but it will also hurt your cat if he becomes snagged on something. The cat’s teeth should be free from tartar buildup too. You’ll need to keep them healthy by brushing them once a day with a finger tip brush and pet toothpaste.

If you follow these simple tips it will help your cat to be happy and healthy, and full of life.