Before Quitting Smoking

If you’re realized, nobody in the world would be nuts enough to one day suddenly decided that they wanted to be a smoker. It all starts off with various reasons. Some would experience the need to be accepted or do not want to be left out in a group and hence peer pressure.

Many if not all says that it releases stress. I do personally know some friends who started out of curiosity. Some would do it on purpose thinking they could stop anytime, I could go on and on. But for whatever the reason is, one thing for sure is that

By The Time They Realize They’re Addicted, It’s Already Too Late!

It is most likely that if you’ve come across this article, you are already hooked to cigarettes. You’re bounded to go through all the withdrawal symptoms if you didn’t smoke.

The crucial thing you must realized before quitting smoking is that:

You DO NOT need cigarettes in your life regardless of the excuses!

Let’s take a look at some of the infamous excuses of why people smoke:

• Smoking releases stress
Somehow this is not really the case. The truth is, your body and mind are capable of handling a lot more stress than you can imagine. How did you handle your stress before you started smoking? Think about it. The reason why you feel relieved is because you are satisfying your addiction. The real stress comes from your addiction. Not anything else.

• It keeps you awake from sleeping
Many have resorted this to “burn the midnight oil” to make ends meet for their tasks and schedule. As human beings, sleep is natural response and process. When you smoke, chemicals are introduced into your brain to interfere with the natural response of sleeping.

In fact, many smokers seem to have got this concept twisted. Studies have shown that when you get more rest and sleep, you’ll be so much more productive at a higher rate compared to trying and forcing yourself to stay awake through cigarettes.

• It gives me the boost to keep on going
The question here is… are you so incapable of keeping your spirits high that you need to depend on cigarettes? If that’s any truth in this excuse, then why do people whom do not smoke have so much more energy and higher spirits and enthusiasm about themselves compared to smokers?

Remember that every reason to continue smoking is an excuse. You do not need cigarettes in your life. There so other ways to get you on the go and keep you in your best. The best way to gain that energy is by starting to exercise, perhaps once or twice a week of 20 minutes is good. It’s little but makes a huge difference in assisting you to quit smoking.