Discover Why Most People Fail To Quit Smoking And How To Overcome It

Occasionally, you would hear the same old stories, on how people would just quit for 1, 2 or 3 weeks/months even years, and then return to the old habit. Not only that, they will come back and smoke even more and more. It is as if

They are smoking with a vengeance!

Because they had to “cover” back the loss of cigarettes intake while they were taking a break when they were trying to quit. It may seemed funny or weird to you but this is true. It happens so often I’m sure you came across this situation at least once in your life before.

Did you know that according to statistics, only 10% or even less of those who tried to quit smoking only succeeded? Yes, even so, of those who quitted smoking, are not guaranteed to stop forever.

So why did those people and so many of them fail? They were lacking a very important aspect. You see my friend, they were lacking of

A STRONG Purpose To Quit Smoking!

This may seem over simplified at first, but this is crucial in the preparation of quitting smoking. Not only do you need a purpose, you must have a purpose so strong that it almost certainly becomes a conviction for you to quit smoking. I’m sure you heard somewhere before that why is more important than how.

Without a purpose, regardless of whether you can quit smoking, you may pick in up in the future.

Here’s how you should create a strong purpose to quit smoking:

1) Pick up a paper and write down how smoking has affected you in the past.

2) Next write down of how smoking is affecting you presently.

3) Followed by how smoking will 100% definitely affect you in the future.

You may relate any issues relating to this matter. Perhaps your family, love ones, relatives, job, career, health, performance, your time and money. You may relate how smoking has affected all those areas in your life.

The second reason why people fail to quit smoking is that many people do not know how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. In the process of quitting smoking, many suffer from various symptoms such as anxiety, frustration and irritation.

Soon one may lose concentration and would be utterly “paralyzed” because of the addiction.