Dynamic Pattern Hair Loss Discovery

Hair loss affects approximately 50 million men and women in the United States, but few people understand how and why they are losing their hair. Although genetic dispositions contribute, it’s primarily the lack of epidermal health that suppresses normal hair and skin production. Through out Karen’s 25 year career, clients complained of itchy scalp conditions and pattern hair loss. There had to be natural, non-invasive treatment alternatives to hydro cortisone creams, hair grafts and hair transplant surgery. Hair loss products, weaves and supplements have shown little or no results. She was determined to find a solution. Karen had an extraordinary epiphany. Why no one had considered the obvious reason of poor scalp health as the underlying cause is anyones guess. She discovered pattern hair loss involved more than just heredity. Scalp & Skin Works has revealed the crucial step and logical solution for pattern hair loss and undesirable scalp conditions. The problem. Pattern hair loss is multifaceted and more complicated than she, and obviously everyone else realized. The abundance and over production of excess skin layers, perspiration and impurities like sticky sebum clogs, and follicle parasites all contribute to hair loss. The solution. Recovery begins, by detoxifying the scalp, restoring proper hygiene and fostering healthy environments conducive for normal scalp and skin growth. “Clients are able to actually see their scalp condition, and watch the removal of impurities with the assistance of a cosmetic microscope and monitor as the clinician works. It’s an interactive process. Most are amazed and fascinated at what they see, eyes glues to the screen. Others get grossed out and just don’t look”. Customers are very pleased with their results. “I had given up. I had tried other hair loss treatments and did not want to do transplant surgery. Then System Scalp & Skin showed me that I could re-grow my own hair through their scalp hygiene process. It wasn’t long and I could actually see new hair growing in. My hair is now getting thicker and my “halo” is shrinking. System Scalp & Skin works!” Kevin Buchan, Oil Industry Lobbyist, Cameron Park CA.