Free Help to Stop Smoking

One of the most common reasons to deny quitting smoking is the cost of the stop smoking aids. Many smokers find silly excuses like what it is going to cost to use the stop smoking products, the cost of the laser or acupuncture therapies, let alone the cost of behavior treatment.

Well, we have news for you – you can find and receive free help to stop smoking.

The first free help to stop smoking resource is of course the internet. There are hundreds of articles dedicated to smoking cessation, all offering free advice, tips, and techniques. Online discussion groups dedicated to smoking cessation is another form of free help to stop smoking. These groups are attended by people just like you – all trying hard to stop smoking completely, sharing their problems and tricks for overcoming their nasty smoking habits. Believe it or not, you need this kind of support much more than expensive medications or behavior therapy programs with famous shrinks.

The second free help to stop smoking thing you can do, is just outside your apartment. You may not know but people who spice up their lives with more sports are less likely to start smoking at all. On the other hand, smokers who introduce sports to their lifestyle are more likely to stop smoking. Sport helps cope with the cessation symptoms and the cravings. Even smokers who are not attempting to quit smoking confess that after a session at the gym they simply do not desire a cigarette.

The beauty of sports is that you do not need to go to an expensive gym, nor attend a costly fitness program. The parks and walking sideways are free for everybody so you can start with long walks or daily jogging sessions. Try to spend the weekends outside, even if this outside is the nearby park.

Finally, the last free help to stop smoking idea; and it is simply this. You can get most free help to stop smoking by yourself. After all, the whole cessation process depends on your will, determination and motivation. If you feel uncertain that you want to quit or you are show weakness in the face of the first serious craving, than nothing can help you.

Since you do not have a magic wand, just work closely on your character, life routines and habits. You will soon discover that your smoking addiction has most to do with your lifestyle than with you personally. If necessary change your daily habits and stop visiting the places where you can (or which prompt you to) smoke. Instead of going to a nigh club with your smokers friends, enjoy a walk n the park with your mother; substitute your morning coffee with tea, etc.

There are certainly more and more interesting free-help-to-stop-smoking tips out there – just browse the web or ask your ex-smoker friends.