Free Stop Smoking Patch Myths

Many ex-smokers explorers have heard or used stop smoking patches. Many ex-smokers explorers have read at least once adverts for a free stop smoking patch. However, the truth is that there is no such thing as a free stop smoking patch.

The good news is that nicotine patches are not that expensive. Of course, their price depends on the brand and the store you are buying them from. Another price factor is the number of the patches you are using per day and for the whole treatment period. Some people do not need that many patches, as their addiction is not that strong. Heavy smokers may need stronger nicotine patches and more frequent change of the patches.

You may not be able to get a free stop smoking patch, but what you can get is a good deal. There are many online shops that sell stop smoking aids and their prices are usually much more affordable than the prices in the regular shops. Moreover, online drug stores have regular promotions – for example, you may be able get a free stop smoking patch if you buy a specific product.

Another thing to consider carefully is what to do if you do come across a free stop smoking patch offer. Be very carefully before taking and using such product and make sure it is genuine. It might be a fake patch and not have the desired effect, let alone that it may contain harmful substances to danger your health.

Finally, some good news for all ex-smokers. You may not be able to get a free stop smoking patch or any free stop smoking product. What you can have free however is a lot of information and support.

The internet can provide you with hundreds of pages to show you the whole picture of nicotine addiction as well as hundreds of ways to help you quit smoking. It can offer you many online discussion and support groups where you can meet and communicate with people in your situation, share your thought offer and receive support.

If you are not an internet savvy, you can still get hold of a lot of free support – there are many ex-smokers groups (similar to the Anonymous Alcoholics Groups) where you can receive advise and support through the smoking cessation journey.