Health Insurance In Arizona

Arizona residents who are unable to secure health insurance through a job as a result of unemployment or other reason, Arizona offers a program called Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS ). AHCCS is Arizona’s Medicaid program.

There are several low cost plans available for families, children and pregnant women. Below are a few of the many plans offered through AHCCS.

•AHCCCS Care Program: This program provides medical coverage for individuals and families. Coverage includes doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription, behavioral health and lab work. There is, however a monthly income limitation of $851 per month for an individual and $1,144 per month for a couple.

•KidsCare: Provides medical coverage for uninsured children who have been uninsured for at least 3 months. This coverage is available if the child’s family meets certain stringent income requirements. For example a family of four’s monthly income may not exceed $3,442 per month or $41,304 annually. The monthly premium for one child will range between $10 and $25. For two or more children the cost is $15 to $35.

•Baby Arizona: Low-income uninsured pregnant women may obtain health insurance through the Baby Arizona health plan. There is a 20 day processing lag time, but many applicants may be able to receive care prior to the completion of the 20 day processing time.

In addition to low cost family health plans, Arizona also offers health plans to assist the self employed and small business owner:

•Health Care Group: For the self-employed or small business employer with 50 employees or less, Health Care Group offers HMO, PPO, PPOS, Vision Care and Dental coverages. With many options to choose from, small businesses are able to offer comprehensive health insurance plans for their employees.

Each of the above plans, require US citizenship (or qualified immigrant status) and Arizona residency. There are other requirements particular to each plan, so before applying, do your research carefully.