How To Stop Smoking Without Gaining Extra Weight

About 55% of smokers gain approximately 3 kilograms after they stop smoking. This increase in weight is caused by two reasons:
first: is that Nicotine increases the rate of digestion of any food. Therefore, to stop providing your body with Nicotine makes food burning slower than it was, and this provides a good opportunity for the body to store some of the foods in the form of fats.
Second: is that smoking affects the minute parts of the tongue which are responsible for tasting, and thus stopping smoking improves the tasting sense which lead to eat more quantities of food.

Medical studies assures that about 10% of smokers fear to stop smoking because they are afraid of the kilograms gained by stopping smoking, and for this reason not to be your excuse not to stop smoking. I will present some tips to help you stop smoking without gaining any extra weight or any complications.

The decision of stopping smoking has to be accompanied with another decision, which is practicing sports to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from one hand and to resist the increase in weight, on the other hand, in addition to increasing the volume of muscles in the body, as it is known that the muscles are burning fat.

There are also some drinks that help to reduce the tension results from smoking cessation like Orange Juice.

You can also stop smoking using some of the following steps:
* Stop smoking at once; it is proved that stopping smoking gradually is usually futile.

* Choosing a particular time to begin stopping smoking, as not to be experiencing heavy pressure.

* Some foods and beverages increase the tendency to smoking so you have to temporarily cease taking them such as coffee, tea, chocolate and red meat.

Finally try to get rid of any packet of cigarettes, lighters, or any other thing related to smoking in your house.