Is Hypnosis An Effective Technique For Quitting Smoking

You’ve decided that you’re going to try quitting smoking. You know it will be tough but you’ve made that all important decision – you want to stop smoking and you want some help to do it.

You can try herbal remedies, unfortunately, these can give some people a queasy stomach. Then there are the popular nicotine replacement treatments, readily available as patches, gum or sprays.

If these don’t work then some people look for other alternatives like acupuncture or hypnosis to help them quit smoking. There has been lots already written about this last technique and you’re probably wondering is hypnosis effective for quitting smoking… does it actually work?

As with everything in life for some hypnosis will work for others it won’t – everybody is an individual with particular needs and habits. As a general rule of thumb though, just because something works for you doesn’t necessarily work for everybody else.

Seriously, how can some comedy carnival sideshow help you when quitting smoking?

Well, hypnotherapy is now highly regarded and a widely recognised psychotherapy tool. It is a tried and trusted scientific method in it’s own right and there are many who have tried hypnotism and swear that hypnosis is an effective technique for quitting smoking.

In simple terms, under hypnosis you are functioning on a conscious level, but your subconscious mind will lapse into a serene, tranquil state and your body completely relaxes.

It is this level of managed relaxation that a hypnotist will try to help you achieve so they can condition your subconscious mind with directed suggestion, which in this case is quitting smoking.

But, of course there will be some people who have tried hypnosis and who still continue smoking.

You may think hypnosis is a silly idea. But consider, if you really are serious about quitting smoking and everything else you have tried so far has failed – what have you got to lose by giving it a try?

Here are a couple of handy tips that you might find useful if you do decide to try hypnotism to quit smoking ?

Check that your chosen hypnotist is certified in their chosen field. For instance, the National Board for Certified Hypnotherapists has a high level of criteria and requirements for applicants to meet before certification is authorised.

Find out about the hypnotherapy being offered. Ask if they recommend a single session or a course containing a series of sessions. Also ask what they hope to achieve in the sessions.

Being realistic, quitting smoking successfully will need you to make big changes to your behavior patterns and your general lifestyle… that will usually take a series of hypnosis sessions to help you achieve this.

As a general rule hypnosis is not a quick fix solution to quitting smoking. It’s definitely no cure-all and you’ll need to work on dealing with and overcoming your cravings but, with that said, it could help you in your efforts to lead a smoke-free life.

Is hypnosis effective for quitting smoking? All things considered, only you can answer that…