Look Inside Of Your Mind To Quit Smoking

Being able to quit smoking can be accomplished by merely the power of suggestion with a hypnotherapy stop smoking programme. For smokers, cigarettes are very important. Even with the rising costs and numerous health warnings, smokers still do not ever leave home without them. Most smokers do want to quit, some have even made several failed attempts, and others go to successfully quit but trade the smoking health related problems for an extra 40 or 50 pounds.

Smoking is an emotional and psychological/habitual issue, so when a person quits and claims that the main reason that they quit was because of health issues or expenses, that is the wrong approach as they should focus on quitting as a positive reinforcement and plan to look to the future. Hypnotherapy for quit smoking has been very successful in helping people stop smoking.

Chances are that you would quit smoking if you knew it would be an easy task. Especially if you knew you would not fail. Think of yourself in the near future as a non smoker and all of the benefits that non smokers get to enjoy. Imagine how proud you will be once you have kicked the habit. Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of mind that a therapist assists you in getting into. In order to get to that state, you need to be completely relaxed both physically and mentally. Most therapists will take you to a happy time as your focal point before they take you to the bleak issue of quitting smoking. The process that is then used is called desensitization and that is basically replacing a bad experience or habit with a good one. Usually the good experience that replaces the bad feeling or in this case, the quitting of cigarettes, would be replaced with the positive thought that you held onto while under hypnosis. This concept is for the hypnotists to put you in a trance in order to access your sub conscious mind, which is at that point completely vulnerable.

The higher the patient’s motivation and desire is to quit smoking, the more successful the outcome will be. The right side of the brain is the side that is responsible for emotion and creativeness while the left side is responsible for logic. Yet, during hypnosis, the right side is generally more stimulated. The left side of the brain during hypnosis has a higher level cognitive processing and behavior. In order for a therapist to put someone into a hypnotic state or a trance, there has to be the right conditions such as intense concentration, extreme relaxation and high suggestibility.

While the subject is in this state, which is very similar to that of dreaming, the hypnotist is able to incorporate on the power of suggestion to influence the mind of the patient. If a person enters a clinic for the purpose of being hypnotized and they believe the hypnosis will work they will have a much better chance than if they come in believing otherwise and the reason for that again is the power of suggestion. For the purpose of quitting smoking, a person that decides to utilize hypnosis with a positive attitude will allow the hypnotist to replace the need to smoke with a more positive action or memory, making the urge to light up again a distant memory.