Natures Secrets to Stop Smoking

Tobacco or cigarettes are considered as one of the most addictive substances known to man. People only tend to see the bad side of smoking after they get sick. When the right time comes, a person can think of quitting smoking due to factors such as health, family concerns, or financial problems. When trying to quit smoking, people often go for the easy way out which is unfortunately almost always unreliable and ineffective.

Many non-smokers wonder about the power that sways over tobacco and cigarette users. Nicotine is, in fact, a very powerful form of substance. Perhaps, knowing the very real dangers of tobacco or cigarette consumption could motivate smokers to drop their dangerous vice. Nicotine use actually results in pleasurable sensations that are felt in the brain. This explains the supposed calming effects of smoking. But while the nicotine lulls the smoker with those calming sensations, the ingredients of the cigarette are actually weakening many of the body’s vital organs including the lungs and the liver. Smoking also pollutes a person’s blood.

But all is not lost even for the most addicted smoker. There are actually a number of ways to quit the habit. Smokers can choose to go “cold turkey” and just suddenly stop smoking. Or they can use a variety of anti-smoking oral medications, patches, and nicotine substitutes. Smokers can also go “green” by taking all-natural anti-smoking products. One positive side about giving up smoking with the aid of natural products is that you do not have to fear getting any side effects that normally come when one uses chemical-based drugs. From a philosophical standpoint, it can be said that if one has created a disease for himself by living in an unhealthy manner against the laws of nature, one can also find a cure to that disease from nature itself.

To stop smoking naturally is merely not a possibility, but a reality that has helped thousands of people who decided to quit using cigarettes. For example, oats of the common garden variety have been used successfully in helping opium addicts manage symptoms of withdrawal. By applying the same principle, an alcoholic extract in the form of tincture is now being used by patients who experience nicotine withdrawal. Another mixture composed of herbal tinctures from white-horse hound, mullein, green oats, peppermint, and golden seal is placed on the tongue in drops whenever one has the craving for smoking cigarettes, with astonishing results.

Another supportive role could be derived from the alternative healing method called acupuncture. The mixture of the prescribed medicated oil is applied to different acupuncture points. But this practice should only be done by an acupuncture specialist. There are also herbal aromas, herbal cigarettes, herbal liquids, herbal lozenges and many other products that would help one in their effort to stop smoking naturally. But aside from using these natural products, a person who has decided to quit smoking must also muster the most potent source of cure for nicotine addiction, and that is one’s own will power.