Perform Better Golf With These Fitness Tips

Everyone wants to be able to perform better golf, and with these three tips you’ll be on your road to becoming a better golfer.

Each well-kept secret centers on fitness and ensuring that your body is up to the task of playing an exceptional round of golf. With a high level of fitness – which can be accomplished in just a few short fitness sessions a week – your body will be better prepared to play golf, making you perform better golf. Without good fitness, all the technique training in the world isn’t going to make you an excellent golfer. Technique can only take you so far when you’re body isn’t in top golfing shape.

The first well-kept secret is flexibility. Performing stretches and improving your flexibility will provide you with better rotation and a smoother more fluid swing. This is especially important when it comes to shoulder rotation and spinal rotation. Keeping your back and shoulders limber will go a long way in improving the power of your swing. Exercising these muscles regularly, and stretching them before you hit the course, will make a big difference.

Next is strength. Working the muscles that you use in golf will help you have more power when you swing, improve your balance, and assist in avoiding injury. When improving your strength, your focus should be on your core. These are the muscles in your torso that are so important to your swing.

Finally, adequate endurance keeps you playing at the same high level from the first hole through the eighteenth. You’ll no longer see less powerful drives in later holes, or have your mental focus wane at the end of the game when you’ve increased your stamina. Having a regular fitness routine will keep you in top shape for your game.

As you can see, fitness is the overriding concept when you want to perform better golf. Staying fit will have your score dropping in no time.