personal fitness trainer certification

One of the biggest obstacles many of us face when it comes to sticking to a workout routine is time. There just isn’t enough hours in a day to get everything done it seems. Balancing work, family and social obligations can be overwhelming. Earning a personal fitness trainer certification may be the solution to this dilemma for some of us.

When my friend announced that she wanted to work out for a living I had no idea what she was talking about. She always struggled with her weight and she attributed her struggle to the fact that she wasn’t exercising on a consistent basis. She could diet all she wanted but if she didn’t engage in a workout routine, the pounds crept back.

Her decision to earn a personal fitness trainer certification came as a surprise to most of us. We all knew that she was dedicated to working out but she was in a pinch balancing her exercise with work and home duties. She decided that a personal fitness certificate would lead her to a career that would make working out part of her everyday routine.

At first I thought that she had lost her mind. She wasn’t in perfect shape and she also had a pretty decent job, too. I hated to think that she was going to give up a nice job to earn a personal fitness trainer certification. There was no guarantee that she would find work in our area.

I was definitely wrong. Not only did the personal fitness trainer certification program land her a great career opportunity, it also whipped her into the best shape of her life. She has never been happier and she attributes her great mood to a number of things. She no longer sits at a desk all day. She feels and looks amazing and she really enjoys being a personal trainer.

Her first job in the field was in a well known local gym. Her personal fitness training certification taught her so much about the right way to get in shape in the least amount of time possible that she quickly took on a couple of clients in addition to her full time schedule.

Soon she was working part-time and getting more clients. Eventually, she began working independently. She sets her own schedule and she really answers to no one except the clients who are thrilled with her. I know. I am one of them.

Since she has earned her personal fitness trainer certification I make sure to schedule at least two appointments a week. We have to make time to gossip sometime. Why not while we are exercising?