physical fitness

Keeping fit is an important part of our twenty-first century lives, and studies have shown that people are living longer than they ever have before. Knowing what kind of physical fitness your body is in is the first step towards learning what kind of sports and lifestyle that you should have.

As young schoolchildren, our physical education classes made sure that we had exercise at least three days a week. Now, as adults, we find it excruciatingly difficult to haul ourselves to the gym once a week, or get up and go for a run before work. Our body’s physical fitness greatly depends on the mind’s fitness, and whether it feels committed to having a long and healthy life.

Some ways that people can improve their physical fitness begin at home. Watching what we eat, spending less time sitting in our living room’s and watching television are important steps we can take at home. At work, we can take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk or ride a bike to work instead of drive, and try to set some time aside during lunch to workout or go for a walk. This can do absolute wonders for our physical fitness.

Outside of work and home, we are in the best position to exercise and care for our bodies. Using our free time to exercise and get our bodies in shape can help to improve our energy levels and increase our metabolism. Some of the most popular sporting activities are often the most effective, such as biking, running and swimming. If people commit to doing one of these things a few times a week for thirty minutes a day, they will see a substantial rise in their physical fitness levels almost immediately.

Lifting weights, walking the dog, playing Frisbee with friends or jogging on the beach can all be things that we can incorporate into our lifestyle with little pain or hassle. Americans are notoriously bad in being out of shape, unfit, and generally obsessive/compulsive eaters and dieters. Rather than continuing an unhealthy way of doing and thinking, they should look to Europeans, especially the Mediterranean countries, who have a healthy work outlook balanced with natural foods in their diet.
Unlike their American counterparts who spend thousands of dollars each year on diet pills, weight-loss plans and faddish foods, Europeans have taken physical fitness to mean getting some exercise, eating simply and wholesomely and not being adhering to an idealized body type to ensure happiness.