Playing Golf Is Good For The Health

Yes, it is official. Golf is good for you. This has also been verified by the United States Golf Association and their advice is that you should play golf and walk the course while playing rather than riding the golf cart. That is how it is good for health. Walking is known to boost the pumping of the heart for the blood to circulate through the body to carry out this activity and this in turn provides the essential nourishment for your body. Walking is good for the body so golfing carts should be avoided as much as is possible. Besides golf carts do a lot of damage to the green, adding to the pollution in the air. Now, grass is artificially grown even in places where it’s not meant to grow and here the cart can cause damage. Repairing then becomes an expensive affair.

Some argued that the start and stop system that is part of the game of golf is not really good and can actually do the body harm but they were silenced when it was proven that even the start and stop pattern has a lot of positive benefits to it. People have actually chronicled their experiences and what they gained by the very act of walking the course rather than riding it. This is the simplest and cheapest form of exercise and researchers in Sweden discovered that if eighteen holes were played then one has equaled about forty to seventy percent of any high intensity aerobic workout.

This is very good given that you are getting a lot of pleasure out of the game and it does not ever get monotonous. Bad cholesterol levels were found to have dropped while good cholesterol remained steady. These results were not seen among the cart users. Golf Science International came up with the fact that four hours of golf are more or less equal to at least forty five minutes of a fitness class. Northern Ohio Golf Association came up with the theory that walking across the golf course is like walking three to four miles and this is including the walking around trees and hillocks that form the green.

But if you feel that this can’t really be true, then try it out for yourself. At your next game, try to walk alternate holes so that once the game is over you have effectively walked nine holes. Do this for some time and slowly you stop taking the cart as you find that walking gives you a new high as well as lets you play.