Quit Smoking Lozenges

If you are an ex-smoker, you have probably heard and used quit smoking lozenges. If you have never heard about this stop smoking product however, here is some interesting information.

Quit smoking lozenges are a popular stop smoking aid. They are in the form of a small candy that are a) easy to carry with you, b) keep your mouth occupied and c) help you quit smoking of course.

Quit smoking lozenges are particularly good for people who light up their first cigarette in less than half an hour other they wake up in the morning. Most lozenges come in various forms depending on this time-factor.

It is a well-know fact that the nicotine addiction and the cessation symptoms (nervousness, anxiety, sweating, headaches, depression, etc) are the two things making smoking cessation an impossible task for many smokers. Quit smoking lozenges can help you with both of these.

They will reduce the withdrawal symptoms thus leaving you more stop-smoking-stress-free time to cope with yourself. Moreover the use of quit smoking lozenges will reduce the cravings (which are may be the hardest part of all). Soon after you start taking the quit smoking lozenges you will discover that your cigarette desire diminishes and so does the nicotine addiction.

Quit smoking lozenges are particularly preferred by women who often postpone smoking cessation because they are afraid of gaining weight. Indeed, ex-smokers are likely to gin some extra weight. However what many of these people do not know is that gaining weight has less to do with cigarettes but with the ex-smokers constant eating – let’s face it you are seeking ways to occupy your mouth and thus you eat more. Quit smoking lozenges will not only keep your mouth busy, but they will reduce your appetite.

One of the most popular brands quit smoking lozenges are the Commit stop smoking lozenges. Most of the drug stores and many online shops (such as Amazon) sell them. The good news is that Commit official web site runs regular promotions and you can benefit from $5 discount coupon for example. Also the site offers various quit smoking tools such as virtual quit coach or a personalized quit plan tool.

Finally, you should remember that quit smoking lozenges can help only if you want to stop smoking for the last time. Find one or a few good reasons to quit and just do it. The first week will be terrible but if you survive without your cigarettes, you will discover that quitting has much to do with your brain and less with your body meaning that it is really not that hard to stop smoking.