Quit Smoking Zyban

Millions of people all around the world have something in common. They all want to quit smoking. Many people have tried and failed, but there is a product that is available that can help smokers to finally stop smoking. Every hour people die from smoking-related diseases. Many, which are considered middle aged. Did you know that surveys show that more than 68% of smokers want to quit smoking? This is a high number, considering only 3 percent of those people will actually be successful in quitting. By using Zyban you may be able to finally quit smoking.

Zyban has been launched in the UK, and has been considered a major breakthrough in helping smokers to beat their addiction. How Zyban works to help you quit smoking is the drug acts on the brain to nullify the craving for nicotine. Zyban being the first anti-smoking medication licensed in the UK that does not contain nicotine is a plus in helping people to quit smoking.

Nicotine cravings can be as powerful as heavy drugs or alcohol. There are many products available for people to quit smoking & Zyban is one of the best… but most of the others rely on a shot of nicotine to replace that provided by the tobacco. So then the question is will that really help you quit smoking?
Most likely not, and this is where using Zyban to quit smoking comes into play, because as we stated earlier using Zyban to quit smoking will prevent you from having to replace your tobacco with nicotine.

Zyban comes as a tablet and is taken orally, about twice a day. The good thing about this product to help you quit smoking is that it can be taken with or without food. One thing to remember is that it must be take whole, not crushed or chewed, as this will destroy the sustained activity causing more chances of side effects.

Do not take more or less medication than prescribed. Since this drug can cause sleeplessness at first, it is best not to take near bedtime. It is advised to continue smoking for the first week after starting this drug, until it reaches higher levels in your blood. Do not smoke if using any nicotine products with this drug. Too much nicotine can cause serious side effects.
One reason you should try this method to quit smoking using Zyban is because it only takes 10 seconds of inhaling from a cigarette to send a concentrated dose of nicotine directly to your brain. Over time the effects this will have on your neurotransmitters will cause you to become addicted to nicotine. Zyban acts on the addiction process by helping to put these levels back to normal, allowing you to successfully stop smoking.

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