Reason to stop smoking

Everybody knows that smoking is a nasty habit. The most ridiculous fact, however, is that even smokers do know how dangerous smoking is. If you are one of these people, trying to suicide themselves with cigarettes than it is about time to find a good reason to stop smoking. Here are three reasons to stop smoking, hope you like and bound yourself to one and really do it.

Smoking ruins your health and appearance

It is a well-known fact that smoking is very dangerous to your heath let alone how bad imprints it can leave to your overall appearance. Smokers are prone to all kinds of cancer much more than non-smokers. Despite cancer, smokers are much suppler to all kind of health problems such as chronic respiratory diseases, heart disorders and stomach problems. On the top if all this, smokers look older than they actually are, their skin has an unhealthy grayish look, their hair and nails are weak. There should be at least one reason to stop smoking here, right?


Regardless your gender and regardless the fact if you have children already or you are planning to have at some point in the future, you should know that smoking is bad either ways.

Parents ruin their children’s life and health because they turn them into second hand smokers. Even if you do not smoke in the same areas where your children are, the smoke and the smell are still there.

People who are not parents yet are also threaten by smoking. Smoking is very dangerous for both men and women as their reproduction ability is greatly reduced. Women who smoke tend to have unhealthy babies and in the worst-case scenario, babies with inborn diseases.

Feeling comfortable ruining your life? Well, that is your choice, but it is clear that your loved ones should not suffer and let them be your top reason to stop smoking.

Social restrictions

There are quite a lot of limitations for smokers nowadays. Most people do not tolerate this habit and tend to avoid smokers. Moreover, almost all of the social places (bars, restaurants, cinemas, etc) are prohibited for smokers. You may be refused a dream job just because of your terrible habit. You can even be refused an apartment rental just because your smoking will ruin the property. There should be at least one reason to stop smoking.

The list can go on forever. He three reasons to stop smoking above are among the most important ones so they should be enough to push you leave the cigarettes behind. And remember – cessation process is hard so anytime you feel discouraged, read the list again and you will feel your power revived and your desire to quit – freshened.