Simple And Natural Stop Smoking Products

There are such a large number of quit-smoking products, literature and options available on the subject of ‘quit smoking’ that it only adds to the existing confusion of the smoker. It makes him feel that it is easier to continue with smoking rather than to stop! Plus, as the number of cigarette brands increase so does the number of quit-smoking products!

Nevertheless, there are many easy, non-risky, simple and natural methods to stop smoking. The use of methods may vary from individual to individual. How easy was the path of smoking, when the journey began? How hazardous is the return journey and how lonesome? For, it is you alone that has to travel this path of beating the retreat!

The quit-smoking products available in the market are plenty in number. Start with books and periodicals, cigarette modification products, video tapes, audio tapes, thought-changing products, electronic and computer products, no-smoking signs, smoker and odor removal, nicotine chewing gums and even hypnosis! All these are reported to help quit smoking. And do not take this last option of “hypnosis” lightly—it confidently predicts total cure within minutes!

There are also nicotine replacement products and medications. But it is also said that these nicotine replacement products are just as bad as smoking cigarettes. Another one in the line is the herbal aroma nasal inhaler for smokers, which is also supposed to be good for busy or lazy persons. But, the ultimate benefit is reported by easy, non-risky, simple and natural methods. These methods are many in number!

There are certain simple looking but very effective ‘stop-smoking products’. These products are not packed in colorful cartons but they are in the nature of methods! On the day you decide to quit smoking throw away the remaining cigarettes, hide the lighters and the ashtrays. Keep yourself busy by exercising, taking long walks, going to the movies or listing the things that you can buy with the money you previously spent on cigarettes. The first few days after quitting, spend as much time as possible in the places where smoking is usually prohibited like libraries and museums. Drink large quantities of water and fruit juice, but avoid hard drinks, coffee and other beverages associated with smoking.

There are also some lesser known methods. The various nasal inhalers are being advertised intensely. They are easy to carry, rather dignified too, and are being advertised useful for busy or lazy persons. In any case, making efforts to stop smoking with the help of nicotine replacement products and medication is just as bad as smoking cigarettes. The remedy should not be worst than the disease. Easy, non-risk, simple and natural methods are good in the long run.