Smoking Cancer

For African American males, smoking may be a serious problems because the last researches have estimated that the cancer death rate for black men it is about 40 per cent more higher than for white men and remain very higher than others ethnic groups in the United States.

For black men, cancer according with the new cancer’s studies clarifies that is tobacco smoke the first cause of this disease; death cancer for African American males is about 35 per cent higher in males than females today.

National Cancer Institute reported that four of ten cancer death in black men in United States could have been related to this disease; in 2000 the rates have been dropping but remain higher than the other ethnic groups especially white groups.

Some areas of United States have strongest tobacco-control programs, like higher cigarettes taxes, antismoking education programs, and penalties for selling tobacco to minors, but the government and others no-government organization is still working in this illness.

There are a lot of studies and researches, but always it is important to mention that today the people know and have more information than 10 years ago for instance; and the government is constantly educating the new generations in tobacco cancer.

By the way, Reiki is an alternative therapy treatment that might be used in cancer and other diseases with interesting results, this one works with energies and could be very useful if Reiki is applied for Reiki Masters or Practitioners, research in your locality for further information.