Smoking Just Not Ideal

Smoking has always been one of those subjects that is rarely talked about. Smoking is a habit forming way for people to relieve stress and enjoy a little part of life. The problem is a lot of people find it annoying when people light up a cigarette or cigar for a smoke.

First let’s talk about the good and the bad about smoking. It sometimes is able to help calm people down after having a stressful time at work, home, or whatever. It allows them to sit back, relax, and just take a small break from life.

The problems with smoking come with the addiction it leaves people. Once started most people find it very hard to quit smoking. This is bad considering smoking can cause various sorts of cancer in the body.

A lot of restaurants and bars have banned smoking indoors. This has annoyed a lot of smokers who used to enjoy being able to sit in a smoking section and enjoy their meal while having a cigarette. This issue has raised some serious complaint from smokers who feel like they are being mistreated.

There are two different classes of smokers out there. The first is the casual smoker. These types generally like to have a cigarette or cigar every now and then to help relieve stress or just because they want to. Most of these types aren’t affected by the habit forming parts of smoking.

The next type is the chain smoker. This person will sometimes smoke a couple of packs a day and is completely taken in by the habit. A lot of these people try to quit but just can’t break the habit. This is a very unhealthy routine to be on and can lead to serious health issues or even death.

If you decide to take up smoking, you might want to think again. Smoking, while not exactly bad, is very dangerous for your health and sometimes your social life.