Smoking Kills

Smoking kills! What more damaging effect do you want? A majority of smokers will frankly admit that they wish to give up smoking and somewhere in the past they had given up. But there is also a stubborn tribe of smokers who are not at all willing to admit the harmful effects of smoking!

Enter a conversation:

Sir Winston Churchill (the late former Prime Minister of Great Britain) was a chain smoker of cigars, lived up to the age of 85 years!

‘If he had not smoked, he would have lived up to 120 years,’ said the anti-smoking lobby. ‘What is the use of his living up to that age?’ said the smoking lobby! Die hard habits! Die hard arguments!

Who gains from your smoking, except the Finance Minister? In every budget, he tries to crush you, and the smoker is just not bothered! He cries for a while, only to forget everything soon. The smokers as well as the industry thrive!

Statistically speaking, it is scientifically proven that tobacco smoke contains over 4000 poisonous chemicals. The number and varieties of cancer it generates is in hundreds. Smoking damages practically every part of the human body, and heart takes the maximum pounding! Want proof? Count the number of ever-increasing cancer hospitals. Treating cancer has become a large-scale industry!

Just five decades ago, heart attacks used to be a rare phenomenon! The mixture of nicotine and carbon dioxide increases the rate of blood pressure and strains all parts of the body, the heart to be specific. How long can the heart tolerate this unbearable pressure? And one day, when it says that ‘enough is enough’, the well-wishers of that human being, summon the ambulance and take him to the most unwanted place— the hospital!

To some hard-smokers, living death awaits at the far end of life! Smoking initially reduces and at a later stage cuts off oxygen supply to hands and limbs and the smokers will have to live through the agony of their limbs amputated!

The long puffs that a smoker takes and the attractive, designer coils that he sends in the air, may look attractive, but what about self-inflicted damage is his action leading to? Tar in the cigarette coats your lungs like soot in a chimney and sends a cordial invitation to cancer! You drag the puff deeper into your lungs for the joy and adventure of it, and the rotting process of the heart starts!

Smoking is a slow way to die, there is no other alternative or option. It is a well known fact that heart diseases and strokes are very common among the smokers. Smoking’s contribution to heart attacks is maximum! To lung cancers too!

Are you happy or sorry? A foundation stone is being laid for a new cancer hospital!