stop smoking

If you are not sure you want to stop smoking take a look at the benefits of quitting smoking and think again.

Decrease in Health Risks

Almost from the instant you stop smoking begins the repair of your body. In the first 20 minutes pulse rate drops to normal, blood pressure drops to normal, circulation has already improved, heart rate drops to normal and the body temperature of feet and hands increase to normal.
Within 8 hours the blood level of carbon monoxide drops to normal and the blood level of oxygen increases to normal, and within only 24 hours the chances of doing a heart attack begin to decrease. Sinus congestion, shortness of breath, fatigue and coughing all will decrease within 1 to 9 months.
After 1 year the risk of coronary heart disease decreases by half and after 5 years the same decreases we can find for lung cancer death rate. After 15 years you will no more be at risk of heart disease!

Reasons to Start up Again

Most of the smokers really want to stop until they quit when they find a lot of reasons to start up again such as I am too agitated, I have an even worse cough, I am getting terrible headaches, I’ve become nervous, depressed and stressed, now is not the right time or I have problems at work because I’m not able to sleep.


If the people will try to learn first how addiction works it will be much easier for them to stop smoking. Smokers do not stop smoking because they do not want to find out how addiction keeps us addicted, and because they don’t want to stay quit.


But let us see the benefits of stop smoking! First and the most important is the physical health benefits such as decreases the risk of heart attack, lung cancer, stroke, and chronic lung disease. You will live longer and be healthier than another person who continues to smoke.
Second the mental health benefits. Your self-esteem will enhance from smoke-free living; you will feel a lot better knowing that you take care of your body, not hurting it. You will no longer feel that cigarettes are controlling your life rather you are in control of your life. If you started smoking to cope with anxiety or stress, learning new ways to deal with these issues will strengthen and enhance your emotional and metal health.

Social Benefits

Stop smoking has also social benefits, for example your family and friends will no longer be exposed at second-hand smoke and you’ll decrease the health risks on them. You will have a more healthy appearance and smell better.

Just take a moment to compare the benefits and the costs of smoking and I am sure you will come to one conclusion: Stop smoking!