Tips On Where To Seek Stop Smoking Support And Help

You have reached this stage to stop smoking and today you need the support and help from outside agencies. This shows the strength of nicotine addiction. How cruel its hold on you! But don’t be afraid to take the required support as you have finally decided to quit smoking for ever. You can defeat nicotine, and you will!

Some of the suggested methods may look simple, but you need to follow them with commitment. Make a list of your reasons to quit smoking. Keep it in your pocket and as the urge sprouts in your mind, take out the list from your pocket, instead of the cigarette. Read the list slowly and carefully. Re read it. Resist the urge with all the strength at your command.

Be in touch with some QUIT SMOKING program. The encouragement that you will get by attending such program may surprise you. Consult your doctor for latest information on the subject of quitting smoking. The doctor’s pep talk will have the desired effect on you. Take suggestions about nicotine replacement products. The care is needed to be taken in the area that these replacement products do not lead you to further addiction.

Support your will power to the hilt. Be obstinate to hate nicotine. See often, the video clippings showing the detrimental effects of cigarette smoking. I would even suggest you to visit the cancer ward in a hospital, and see for yourself the deep suffering of the patients who were addicted to tobacco in one form or the other. This will leave a profound effect on your mind.

Many have availed the support of hypnotherapy to get rid of smoking for ever. Do try it. You are through, if luck favors you. Even otherwise, don’t get disheartened. You are in the nicotine-fighting mood, and do remain in that position.

Your family members have a positive role to play, at this crucial juncture of your life. They are your immediate support and help group. Take assistance from your trusted non-smoking friends, and do not hesitate to terminate friendship, though temporarily, with your smoker friends. If you suffer from some major disease on account of smoking, they are not going to foot your hospital bill.

By now, you have enough knowledge in theory about the ill effects of passive smoking. Your smoke coils do damage the health of your family members. It is not your democratic right to cause problems to your family members.

And finally, at the end of the day how much money you have saved by not smoking? Multiply it by 365. That is the amount that you are going to save for the year, which I am sure is in thousands of dollars!

If you don’t stop smoking now, some one else will claim many more thousands of dollars, from you. You know who!