Triggers Of Cravings When You Are Quitting Smoking

Another cigarette goes off the box… before he knew it, Dan was puffing away another cigarette. Dan used to say “But you don’t understand… my work just gets to me, I need something for my stress! People there are smoking in front of me, quitting smoking it’s not as easy you think it is, but somehow I’ll quit later when my job stabilizes”.

You see Dan is just like another smoker, with a weak faith and commitment to quit smoking. Many smokers seem to face this problem. If you’re trying to quit smoking, I’m sure you’ve came across this path at least once in your life again. The stress is just too much that you need to keep smoking.

Then one day, when you decided to really quit smoking, your peers are smoking in front of you, or that you happened to be at a wrong place at the wrong time where there are others smoking. Second hand smoke starts crawling into your lungs, the nicotine in your body wakes itself up alerting you of the addiction you wish you didn’t have.

I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s next. You may be probably already lightning up a cigarette to “soothe” the addiction to avoid the irritation. You see these are “triggers” which will be responsible for your failure for quitting smoking.

If you only knew that…

Triggers Of Cravings And Urges Are Avoidable If You Take Precaution!

Here are some ways which you may avoid the cravings in the process of quitting smoking:

• Excuse yourself from the crowd
If you’re caught with your peers in the middle of them smoking, excuse yourself for awhile… I used to using the excuse of going to the washroom a lot, until I joked with my friends that I have a bladder problem. After that, take 10 deep breaths slowly and relax until you’re ready enough.

• Avoid places which allows smoking
Distance yourself away from smoking places such as bars. Instead spend more time in places where smoking is prohibited such as the museums, theaters, churches, libraries, etc

• Do not drink coffee or tea
Drinking Coffee or Tea tends to arouse and enhances the cravings for nicotine almost immediately. Avoid them if you’re on a plan to quit smoking.

• Exercise
People seemed to discard this away almost immediately at the sight of the word “Exercise” Most people would think that they’re too tired to exercise, or whatever excuse they can give because their plain lazy. In fact; most successful people in the world never told you that exercise is partially responsible for their success. This is because exercise is not suppose to drain your energy, on the contrary, exercise suppose to boost your energy. With better energy, you will be more equipped to quit smoking.

Too many smokers failed to quit smoking most of the time due to the addiction and irritation or withdrawal symptoms. Thus, they must learn how to overcome this.