Know The Negative Effects Of Smoking And Help A Friend

It always is a wonder to me how people find smoking fascinating. I always thought it was more than that. There are reasons that people throw at me and some of them, no matter how sensible they think it is; doesn’t seem to appeal to my interest. Thus, I’ve never smoked a stick in my entire life and I’m proud to say it. I know for a fact that smoking is never good to a person’s body but I never think ill of people who smoke. Just because a person smokes, doesn’t mean that there is nothing good about them any longer.

A better way to let these people know that they are special as everyone else is to help them quit their smoking habit. Smoking is never healthy for anybody. Even the companies that manufacture cigarettes and tobaccos still give emphasis through a disclaimer that smoking is never good for anyone’s health. To set the record straight, smoking develops later on to a serious lung disease called lung cancer. If this doesn’t alarm any bell, nothing will and smoking will never be removed from your system.

Being addicted to smoking has negative effects already to your body, how more so, the act of smoking itself? The two are different, in a way that being addicted to smoking is already the after effect of it and yet, being addicted to it still has its own sub-categories of disadvantages. As for the act of smoking, it leads to ailments that are purely caused by the act itself.

If you value your health while you are young, you will never have to worry about any regrets in your later years. Smoking doesn’t only affect the lungs; but it also has negative effects to other parts of the body. An extremely scary fact is that, smoking has a tremendous effect on the skeletal system. The bones make our every movement possible but slowly, it increases the risk of fracture while decreasing bone density and the body’s rate of natural way to heal itself.

Smoking brings about so many negative effects physically. Help a friend from acquiring a grave sickness in the future.