Laser Therapy Effective Quit Smoking Option

Have you finally reached the point where the pleasure you get from a cigarette is no longer enough? If you’re feeling ready to quit, first give yourself a hearty congratulations and then start planning the quickest and most direct path to a smoke-free lifestyle. There are many options available when it comes to quitting smoking, and one very effective and successful option is laser therapy for quitting smoking.
Laser treatment draws its scientific foundation from the ancient medicinal art of acupuncture, a technique that uses specific points on the body for therapeutic effect. With laser treatment for quitting smoking, a low level “cool” laser is applied to acupuncture points on the smoker’s ear and body to stimulate endorphins, leaving the patient feeling calm and relaxed. The procedure is absolutely painless and stress free; many people fall asleep during the treatment. Some people feel a slight tingling sensation or warmth around the point stimulated. Others have noticed their lungs taking deeper breaths during the treatment, or the day after trying to have a cigarette and getting nauseous.
The body reacts to nicotine by producing higher levels of endorphins and during withdrawal, the body goes into a state of dysphoria (the opposite of euphoria), which can last for up to four weeks. With laser therapy, the body’s endorphin release during and after treatment maintains the endorphin levels a smoker is accustomed to and minimizes the withdrawal and cravings normally associated with quitting. This effect may last for several days, a critical period during the quit process, making a smoker’s experience considerably smoother and easier. A very high percentage of people quit after just one treatment.
Beyond dealing with the physical aspect of the addiction, smokers must also address the psychological addiction to smoking. This means changing behaviours and attitudes towards smoking- completing the transformation to a non-smoker means, most importantly, being able to view yourself as a non-smoker. This is where extra support and encouragement can be critical for long-term success. There are many free online resources available to smokers wishing to quit. Most laser therapy treatments also include tips, education, and techniques for remaining smoke-free and overcoming the psychological aspect of smoking.
Successfully quitting smoking means examining your options and deciding on the quit plan that works best for you. An effective plan should use methods that address both the physical and psychological aspects of quitting for long term success as a non-smoker.
Good luck!