Laser Therapy To Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is a huge undertaking. While your body rids itself of the physical nicotine addiction, your mind has to cut the mental stronghold that cigarettes have over you. Many smokers wish that they could just wave a magic wand and make the habit disappear for good. Maybe they can.

Laser therapy is an option that can help smokers kick the habit for good. Most smokers genuinely want to quit, but are afraid of how they will deal with the withdrawal symptoms and the nicotine cravings. These people are afraid of what will happen if they just can’t cope without cigarettes. These fears keep smokers dependent on nicotine.

Laser therapy treatments can help manage nicotine cravings, keeping you calm and relaxed during the first crucial weeks. The treatment provides a natural high with a feeling of well being, thereby greatly reducing the temptation to smoke another cigarette.

Stop smoking laser therapy is a low-level laser therapy that is virtually painless, entirely safe and helps fight nicotine cravings. It is an external, non-thermal, and non-invasive process.

Considered a non-medical procedure, treatments are given using a low-level laser to help promote the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are natural chemicals that signal your system to decrease stress and increase energy.

When you undergo stop smoking laser therapy, you will receive laser beams to acupuncture points on the body and ear. Advocates say that not only is the procedure non-invasive, it has no side effects. Most smokers need only three to five treatment sessions that last about 30 minutes each. Patients receiving laser therapy do not require additional nicotine or drug replacement.

The low-level laser acts as an instrument to aid the client through the initial physical withdrawals from nicotine. The first 72 hours after quitting is considered to be the crucial detoxification period. For three to five days following treatment, the laser will mimic a similar endorphin release, relieving the stress associated with giving up nicotine.

Stop smoking laser therapy has been proven to be far more effective than other treatment options. Like thousands of successful laser therapy clients, you will be amazed at how easily you can stop smoking with the help of these treatments.

Laser therapy programs focus more on the mental side of addiction. The complete plan offers advice on helping you adjust to being a non-smoker, addressing the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of stopping smoking. This additional material provides added support to help you adjust to the significant change in your lifestyle.

Backup support is also available, providing ongoing support to secure your lifestyle change and help you remain smoke-free.

If you’re still not sure that you’re ready to escape the clutches of nicotine, consider the health benefits of being a non-smoker. Within twenty minutes of having your last cigarette, your blood pressure will begin to normalize. Within a few hours, the carbon monoxide in your blood goes down and the oxygen level increases to normal. Your hands and feet will feel warmer as your body enjoys an improvement in blood circulation. Your body will thank you as your lungs begin to deliver clean, fresh air. Improved senses of smell and taste are two very pleasant benefits you’ll enjoy as an ex-smoker. Over the weeks, months and years to come, literally every aspect of your health and life will be better.

Through laser therapy, the fight to escape nicotine addiction can be an easier battle. Try the treatments, stick to your program and avoid temptation to give yourself a fighting chance.