The Best way to quit smoking

Firstly, you should stop radically or cold turkey. This works well for many heavy smokers and the results of it have been long term.

Second, think of a day you will stop, it can be tomorrow or a more favorable moment, but stop radically because you will have the best chance of success. Only a few smokers manage to quit smoking less each time to finally quit at all. It is unpleasant and not wise to stop slowly because you are actually teasing yourself and maintaining the desire to smoke.


Take away lighters, ash trays, cigarettes and everything that can be connected to smoking. Tell your friends and the people around you that you are quitting and if it is possible find somebody else who will quit with you.

The best way to quit smoking is to also change your drinking and eating habits. Try to eat a lot of fruits, drink a lot of water and stay away from ‘pleasure drinks’ like tea, alcohol and coffee. Physical relaxation is also very important; if you feel edgy go for a ride or a walk or go swimming. With the money you save reward yourself, give yourself something like a clothes or a CD, or do nice things.

Don’t give up!

The best way to quit smoking is not to give up if you fall back. Try to find out alternative behavior for the situation it happened so in the future you can react. You have become stronger if next time in the same situation you manage to come through.

Dealing with the Desire

When you quit smoking the first thing you notice is the desire to smoke, but this moment only lasts a few minutes. If you recently stopped smoking you will have these moments more often then if you have already stopped smoking for a few weeks (they subside as time goes by). The periods between the desires to smoke will get longer and longer after a while, and the desire will diminish. Your doctor, nicotine patches and self-help books can help you to quit smoking. Also you can find special “quit smoking” programs in health care centers.

So the best way to quit smoking is to stop radically, get rid of the things that reminds you of smoking, change your drinking and eating habits and the most important thing: don’t give up! Just try again because you will succeed.