Way To Stop Smoking

I am somebody who has managed to quit smoking, it took a lot of determination and will power, there were many periods where I was seemingly desperate and had mad cravings for just one last cigarette, however I was able somehow to resist. In this article, I will be giving some advice about how I managed to successfully stop this nasty and unhealthy habit, advice which I hope will help other people to also quit.

I had tried many times to stop smoking cigarettes and had always failed after only a few days. What I needed to do, was to try to work out why these previous attempts had failed and to hopefully learn from my mistakes. In my new quest to stop smoking, I would need to have a whole new approach from any that I have had in the past, an approach which may result in success rather than the normal failure.

I decided that I would only try again to stop smoking, when my life was in what I classed as a good period. I am the kind of person who easily becomes stressed and I can make the slightest problem seem like the biggest disaster. When I feel that things are not going well in my life, cigarettes become like my friend. At least I have something to look forward to do in that day, smoking. When I am doing well and am happy, I have far less of a need to smoke, therefore this will be the type of period, when I will start yet again to quit the fags.

When attempting to stop smoking in the past, I have always told everybody. This is a big mistake as to quit it is important that you stop thinking about cigarettes completely. When you are constantly being asked about how you are finding giving up the cigarettes, it is like a constant reminder to you. By going about it in a quiet way, maybe only telling your closest family members and friends, makes it a whole lot easier.

As well as quitting smoking, I also decided to seriously reduce my intake of alcohol. When I had failed in the past, it was normally because I had been drunk and could no longer bat away the voices in my head that were telling me to smoke. The alcohol weakened my resolve and increased the amount and severity of the cravings. It was important therefore to massively reduce the amount of alcohol that I was drinking.

Another reason why I had failed in my previous attempts to quit smoking, was possibly due to spending too much time with other people who smoked. I decided that in this new quest, I would attempt to stay away from other smokers as much as I could. This was not that easy as quite a lot of my friends are smokers. I had to be determined and make sacrifices. What I am attempting to do could have a very positive affect on my life, I therefore have to have the courage to do everything in my power that I think will help to lead to a successful conclusion.

I hope this article acts as an inspiration for other people to stop smoking.