What Is The Best Method To Quit Smoking

The best way to quit smoking is through your will power. You may say, easier said, than done! The only person in this world, who will not fail you, is ‘thy own self’. If that rule is applied here, you shall have your last puff, when you decide about it.

Why this highest taxed commodity, attracts highest numbers of people? It is such a strong personalized habit, no cut and dry formulas can be put forth, to quit smoking. How deep is your cigarette trench? Are you consuming the cigarettes or the cigarettes consume you?
Who will be the victor in the emerging battle?

If you are a marginal case, if your day is done with a few cigarettes, cold turkey may well suit you. To what degree you are addicted to nicotine? This is the deciding factor. But if you require 5 packets of cigarettes per day (50 cigarettes), you will have tough time in negotiating the quit-boat! This path has led to the smoking-salvation, for about 5% of the people, who opted thus.

Let’s take it that you are not a compulsive smoker, and you go for a cigarette, when you are under stress. You need something in your mouth for psychological relief. And your option is cigarette. In that case, think of any other alternative. You need to try the chewing gum. But eventually don’t cultivate the habit of both- chewing gum as well as the cigarette!

If you are not sure about your will power, do believe in the will power of someone else, to control your will power. That is possible by hypnotherapy. In this method, your subconscious mind is targeted in your artificially articulated unconscious state, and certain vibrations against your smoking habit, are transmitted to you. But, you will carry the feeling throughout your life that someone else is responsible for your quitting the smoking habit. Doesn’t matter, a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Price factor has not deterred you from smoking, but you need to constantly give the auto-suggestion to your mind, that you can save lots of money, by quitting smoking. Even if it has a marginal effect on reducing your smoking, this point is worth a serious consideration.

Use combinations of quitting methods to get rid of smoking forever. You need to find a suitable nicotine replacement alternative and half the battle is won. Join group counseling sessions, where you are told and retold many a damaging effects of the smoking habit. This will definitely have profound effects as for your relations with the cigarette habit.

Can the anti-smoking drug zyban, drag you from the hard influence of cigarette? When nothing else works, try that option as well!